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Original Actual World Compilation (Percy)

A C T U A L - N O M I N A L - L I B R A R Y - 2 0 2 2

Extract from the introduction by L. O. Way

The nominophenomenalist rationale for a compilation of Percys goes without saying. I mean: this is manifestly an “absurd artefact” that must exist; to offer any “justification” for it would be contrary to its purely nominal nature. Besides, are we not living in an age when the post-theoretical technologies of discourse are merely redundant simulators of neo-relativistic atrophy?

Exactly. What really matters to me is the pleasure to be found in assembling all kinds of men with the given first name of Percy and placing them in an album. Every philatelist knows this form of personal satisfaction. Even if you are not a stamp collector, you must have experienced your own delight at putting things together (a phrase which etymologically speaking is the derivation of the word competence) in some equivalent way.

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